Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is land surveying and what are you doing?

The profession of land surveying is a combination of art and science. It involves technical expertise, judgment, creativity, strategy and problem solving. The job of a surveyor involves being part historian, archaeologist, cartographer, and an expert at measuring and evaluating measurements.

Why would I need a survey?

Common reasons why surveys are performed are, to determine property lines or physical features in relation to property lines. Such as fences, retaining walls or buildings. Other reasons include topographic mapping in preparation for remodeling or design, determining lot square footage, slope, subdividing a parcel, condominium conversion, surveys for the sale or refinance of commercial or residential property.  

How much will it cost?

The cost of a survey depends on many factors such as, type of survey, complexity of the legal description, size of the parcel, terrain, availability of records, prior surveys etc.. Call us today for a free estimate.

Additional common questions can be answered by this informative brochure prepared by the California Land Surveyors Association.